The Use of Pick-up Lines

Angling for a Date with the Casual Question


There are many times a person doesn't want to be completely rejected when they ask someone out for a date. They work hard to find a casual way to ask. They believe that asking casually may not get them a date this time, but it will leave the door open for a possible future date. The casual question artist will work hard to be able to pose their question. There are several important elements to asking this all important casual question.

Knowing a bit about a person's likes and dislikes matters to the casual questioner. They will take the time to find out favorite foods, bands or hobbies. This gives them a way to arrange for a possible date without sounding desperate. Many times it is a person they know through school or work. The possible date may be a friend or relative of a friend. They may even be someone who works at a restaurant where the casual questioner is a patron.

After finding out what the potential date likes, it is time to pose the question. If the casual questioner has found out about a favorite food, they might ask if the potential date would like to go to a local food festival. It is a good way to give the person a reason to say yes, especially if their favorite food is involved. While the person may say no, the casual questioner has not made a major commitment. The casual requester can smile and say that perhaps another time is a good will be an excellent response if the answer to their casual question is no.

Favorite bands are another way to pose a casual request for a date. The questioner may mention he has been given tickets and asks the potential date if she'd like to accompany him. There is a definite time and place they will have to meet. If the answer is yes, then the questioner now has the desired date. If the answer is no, they can ask again at another time and with a different dating suggestion. Hobbies are the same way as there are generally classes or events associated with them. They give the casual questioner several opportunities to try getting a date with the person they desire.