The Use of Pick-up Lines

Choosing Friendship First


Meeting and dating a person who is physically attractive is the goal of many daters, and they tend to discount those who do not look fabulous at all times. They see physically imperfect people as less than desirable, yet attaining a date with a model might not be something they can accomplish. Even if they finally manage to get the beautiful person of their dreams, they might find they have nothing in common with them. Disappointment is all they will receive for their efforts, and they will find the less than perfect person has found someone who knows the value of inner beauty.

Dating is about forming a relationship with another person, but looks are only part of what a dater should seek. No matter how beautiful anyone is on the outside, compatibility is what counts if forming a relationship is the goal. Beauty does not signify a lack of interests, but spending time maintaining that beauty may narrow a person’s focus considerably.

Talking to a date is important, and it is the best way to find common interests. While there are many people who have formed relationships without anything in common, they tend to be less satisfying than those where a couple can share world views and hobbies. An opposite person might appear attractive, but it is the common bonds that hold a couple together.

Beginning any relationship with friendship is a non-threatening way to explore the possibility of being together for years to come. Learning about each other’s likes, needs or wants is important. If a person takes the time to learn about and admire the beauty inside, they have a better chance of being content and comfortable together over the long term. It is important to find someone attractive enough to be pleasant, but looking underneath the shell of the body is what really makes a person a good date or mate.