The Use of Pick-up Lines

Making an Observation


Getting a date with a pickup line is often more likely to result in failure, so it pays to live within the moment when trying to connect with another person. Rather than thinking up a stock line to say when out in public, making an observation to another person about what is happening at the time might be a better way to catch their attention. If the day is cold and blustery, sharing a tip on how to stay warm might be a nice way to break the ice. If the weather is broiling hot, offering to buy the prospective date a cool drink could be a welcome introduction.

The use of pickup lines may have a long history, and there have been some successful ones. For those willing to use a pickup line, it can become a bad habit that shows potential dates a person is not sincere. Making real conversation at first could be difficult, but there are always ways to begin speaking to others. It will take being more connected to the immediate environment, but that alone could show a marked interest in getting to know someone new.

Speaking to that potential date by helping them is one more way to get the conversation started, so pointing out one of their shoes needs to be retied could be an excellent opportunity. The person might not know their laces are dragging on the ground, ready to trip them up, and they will at least appreciate the information enough to say thank you. That alone could be the start of a good relationship, but it may be nothing more than a harmless exchange between two people.

Life has its own twists and turns, so expecting every helpful piece of advice to lead straight to a date might not be realistic. A person who does speak up might not get to know the person they helped, but looking around could show them another potential date appreciates the fact they took the time to help someone else. It could turn into a short conversation that results in plans for a romantic meeting later in the week.