The Use of Pick-up Lines

Using Pickup Lines Properly


Meeting just the right woman at the right time is a man’s best way to get an evening of intimate pleasure without necessarily dealing with the drag of a relationship, but application in the right arena is the key to success. For those who are constantly scouring their environment, choosing the right one to use a favored line may get them to their objective. If they choose the wrong venue for it, they face rejection or humiliation at the hands of an irate female. Learning where to use that pickup line is more a question of environment than it is of sex appeal.

Attending a wedding and looking around, there are plenty of delicious females who look ripe for an evening adventure, but the favored pickup line seems destined for failure. The environment is one where friends and family of a couple sharing the celebration of their special day is the setting, and chances are that the female is a close friend or relative. No one wants to be reminded of that impulsive one night stand forever, so rejection is almost guaranteed. Even if she is open to the suggestion, she will feign disgust rather than face the censure of family and friends.

Out for an evening of fun with friends and the same female suddenly appears at the bar, ordering a healthy drink as the crowd moves back and forth. It is still an attractive idea to spend an evening with her, but the fear of rejection lurks. There is no easy way to tell beforehand if she will say yes or no, but the chances of acceptance here are much greater. She would have rejected the same person at the wedding, but tonight she’s out for a free drink, some relaxation with friends, and she might want something more lively than her pillow to cuddle up with tonight. This is the place to use that favored pickup line for a chance to win the prize because she is much more open to the thought of an adventure.

Planes, trains, automobiles and cruise ships offer a wide variety of circumstances for meeting a date, but not all of them are best for a favored pickup line to be successful. For those who share a regular commute, the chances of failure are fairly high. Remember, she might be open for adventure as long as she does not have to share it with those she knows. Cruise ships, trains and planes offer the best chance to score because they have a disconnection with her regular circle of friends. The next time that pickup line is dusted off, make sure it does not come out on a regular commute to give success a chance.

There are many social reasons most females will refuse to let a pickup line sway them, and it is often due to the fact their friends or relatives might judge them negatively. Looking at it from their point of view, a man should be able to know when a pickup line will have the best chance of success. If he fails to think of the social context, his chances of rejection are almost guaranteed.